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"… flanigan is a skilled songwriter whose musical voice continues to evolve and grow with him. There isn't a single dud in this collection, truth be told; every song on Hope is a Word only serves to strengthen flanigan's growing catalog. " more
Louisville Music News

"Louisville vet Danny Flanigan’s new album is a solid entry into the middle-aged domestic music genre: part Lyle Lovett (clever), part James Taylor (sentimental) and part John Hiatt (both). He’s a skilled lyricist, a natural storyteller ...." more
LEO Weekly

"He's a music lifer in the best way possible, and his new album, "Hope is a Word", is filled with his usual attention to craft and melody....." more
the Louisville Courier-Journal

"....I can testify (because I have a copy) that he's put a lot of positive energy, talent and thoughtfulness in the songs and the CD...." more
Louisville Music News

"vernon's mud and other favorites is a near-flawless document of adult album alternative rock..."
the indianapolis star

"mud is a favorite... the minor miracles are many"
the louisville courier-journal

"danny flanigan and the rain chorus are living testament to the power of great songs. flanigan's lyrics are meaningful and poetic. even better, you can actually hear and understand them through the music..."
louisville music news

"while sun over rain overfloweth with mid-tempo rockers with big hunks of mood and bouncy rhythm hanging off them, a few songs manage to get inside your head and bounce around there for days. i know, i got one bouncing in there right now..."
nuvo newsweekly

"the rain chorus has found a way to truly be 'alternative' - by being good..."
the bloomington voice

"sun over rain, which does a cooly atmospheric job of capturing the bands' melodic spirit, is a pleasure..."
the louisville courier-journal